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Yana from Limona Lisa

Who is behind the brand Limona Lisa?

It's me – Yana, happily supported by Divna and Vasil. Each one of us has different duties and responsibilities in Limona Lisa, but three of us equally share the common passion for natural and healthy products.

Yana from Limona Lisa

Why did you choose to launch your own brand?

My personal experience with conventional cosmetics was the driver. I was getting tired by empty promises, so, I started searching for an alternative solution - natural cosmetics. Meanwhile, there is such a big choice of natural skincare products on the market, but the more I knew what I was looking for, the harder it got to find it. That was the turning point for starting with my own skincare products. In the beginning, the products were designed only for the very close friends and relatives. The feedback was surprisingly good, more and more friends wanted to test the creams. The word got spread and our skincare products got shared with a wider range of people, looking for cosmetics that really serve its purpose and improve the condition of the skin instead of concealing the symptoms. And then Limona Lisa was born.

Where do you find inspiration?

The feedback from people using Limona Lisa products, our most valued contributors, are both inspiration and motivation.

What is the process of manufacturing the lip balm we can find in this month’s box?

Honestly, although it's "just" a lip balm, it was a long way from the idea to the macaron :). However, with the right ingredients, perfect proportions and cutest packaging, it is a pure pleasure to mix the ingredients and fill the liquid and warm balm in the macarons.

Why the “Made in Spain” concept is important to you?

Handmade, green, natural and healthy - this is not just a trend, it's a lifestyle. The "Made in..." concept is a bridge between products of different countries with their specific local characteristics (because of the origin of the ingredients, creators or climate) and people, who will appreciate them. The "Made in Spain" concept is an opportunity for Spanish creators to present themselves. And for the consumers - to become acquainted with unique products from Europe's sunniest country.

What a day with you would look like?

Not a single day is like the other. I am trying to keep the routine away from my everyday life as much as possible. Working, cooking, enjoying a good book, creating something (on my creative days) and ending the day with a walk on the beach - that's what most of my days look like.

Your favourite Spanish dish?

Tortilla de patatas – easy to make, without meat and mouth-watering. Love it.

What are the projects in 2018?

I have been working on a few men products and a lemon hand cream That’s on my to-do-list for now. Stay tuned for more ;)

Any travels this year?

Still nothing planned, but a year without travelling is like a lip balm without oils - very dry and hard to enjoy :).

We love supporting women and especially women entrepreneurs who fight to follow their dreams, who or what inspired you to become an entrepreneur?

Inspiration is all around. Perhaps I am lucky enough to have the freedom to do what I like the most and have close friends who support me.

Do you have a female model that you feel inspired from?

All the hard-working and strong women, those who never give up and strive afer their goals.