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Vegan Bunny

Who is behind the brand?

It all started when Elisa & her husband were looking for natural & safer alternatives to use around their baby. She spent time researching & learning about the best ingredients to make her own natural products and particularly enjoyed making candles. From there, she told "everything got magically crazy" !

The team has since grown and includes Nilyam in charge of the company branding, Tony the financial mastermind & Elisa, the candle maker ! 


Vegan Bunny's Philosophy

Striving to find the best natural alternatives for their babies, Elisa & her family became very much concerned about how their daily products were produced and which ingredients were added. More than being aware, Elisa became passionate about it and decided to create a small batch candle company. Each of them are carefully handmade by Elisa free from pesticides, herbicides & genetically modified materials and vegan. All products are certified with the Peta labels making the candles Vegan and Cruelty free !


How is your candle made? 

First of all, they will melt the wax, let it settle for awhile and wait until it reaches the right temperature to add the essential oils; their ultimate favourites are Lemongrass & Cinnamon. They will then poured it in a jar and let it set aside for 24 hours.

Available in the London Box this December & January and in the e-shop