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The Zourit Team

Who is behind the brand Zourit?

Joelle alias Hardy who is an illustrator. She illustrates books for children: La Toile Bleue 2012 - Le dodo Mythes et Légendes 2014 - Pourquoi le requin Marteau est il marteau 2016 and the next coming one in October 2018. She is also a printer who has the privilege to have an enthusiastic director and mentor who is always willing to give a helping hand to emphasize local talents.

Why did you choose to launch your own brand?

We realize that is is quite difficult for talented but not yet known artists to print and sell their creations. It is important for us to promote Mauritian talents.We are printers and have a stationary shop it was our first showcase. We are also represented in a trendy concept shop: My Pop Up Store who is the pop up and mobile designers' shop of Mauritius, and on social networks.

Where do you and your team  find inspiration?

Every day. Every step, every glimpse. All around us arouse our curiosity and it’s the best way for us to describe our feelings and mood of the day.

What is the design process of the post cards we can find in this month’s box?   

For this first collection it was quite a lengthy process. Find the name, create the logo, do the pre press for the cards and envelopes. Rework on the profiles of the artiste, ask and re ask several times for their approval and photos :) We are proud of this first collection and we are already working on the second one which will be a limited edition.

What does “Made in Mauritius” means to you? And how does Zourit  embody this definition of the “ Made in “?

Made in Mauritius is for me a melting pot of local people of all cultures, nationalities who love this island and wants to promote it. Zourit is a mixed energic team: illustrators, designers, photographs, poets who want to put a sparkle in the eye and a smile on the face of each person who will discover Zourit. A way to take life on the positive side.

Living in the Mauritius Island well known for honeymoons and luxurious holidays, how would you define the Authentic Mauritius?

My vision of Authentic Mauritius is our warm smile, A group of friends on the beach who invite a foreigner to mix in and have a drink, some ‘gatos piments’, local beer and share some nice music and laughs. We work hard but take the time for the family and friends, we live our values and try to promote those who has not the same possibilities and opportunities to show their potential.

Your favourite Mauritius dish?

A fish curry, rice, ‘chatini pommes d’amour’, ‘bouillon brèdes cresson’ and some really hot chilli!

How would you like to see Zourit grow in 2018?

A new collection for the end of the year with some new talents, share our experience with youngsters in schools so that they realise that there are opportunities for those who want to express themselves via an artistic way.

Any places you would like to travel to? Why?

So many places yet to be discovered in Mauritius! I dream of  the entire world! So much exciting possibilities and passionate people to meet! I will begin by India for the colors, spices, energy, continue the trip in Madagascar ….  It would be so great to share the Zourit spirit across the world: Friendship, creativity and sharing.