Suzie from Soothe me

Who is behind the brand?

Having a very sensitive skin and eczema, Suzie strived for years to find skincare that actually helped her skin. So after qualifying in aromatherapy and natural skincare ingredients Suzie started to blend her own natural skin remedies. Discovering that her own pure remedies worked so much better than products on the market often containing chemical & man-made ingredients, Suzie was then inspired to create the ‘Soothe-me’ range, a range of handmade products in small batches using organic oils, floral waters and essences from plants & herbs.


Meet the Maker



Soothe me Philosophy

Created as a natural alternative to big brand &mass-produced skincare, Soothe-me is designed to act like ’natural health food for the skin.’ You will only find carefully selected base oils, proven to be naturally rich in vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants, and locally sourced ingredients from small family businesses owners in the UK which allows all items to be cruelty free, support local businesses and sustainable.   

It is also very important to note that no Sodium Laureth Sulphates, petrochemicals, synthetic fragrance or colours are being added but only pure natural goodness for your body and our planet. 


The Skin Calm Cream

The Skin Calm Cream is perfect for combatting the cold winter days and keeping a glowing skin all along the festive season. Firstly, Suzie will begin by adding the calming herbal extracts of yarrow and the horse chestnut for its appeasing properties and then including wild farmed which hazel to nourish and soothe the skin. The delicate and rich herbal blend will make the Skin Calm cream is a rich moisturiser which helps appease any sensitiveness, redness & will give that healthy and glowing look on your skin.


Moisturising face cream

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