Skin and tonic

Who is behind the brand?

Sarah & Josh created Skin & Tonic in 2014 from the will to introduce a brand free from synthetic chemicals, GMO & carcinogenic. 

In fact, in 2010, Sarah was diagnosed with endometriosis and realised she needed to change her lifestyle. She stopped smoking & drinking any alcohol, started yoga and became  more aware of the content of the daily products she using. From there, she began making her own skincare products and was looking for natural & organic alternatives to include to her routine. However, she couldn't buy something similar in the shops; with the rise of green washing within the cosmetics industry, Sarah couldn’t find a single product that was completely free from synthetics and preservatives but instead overt gender discrimination and huge amounts of excess packaging. "There was nothing out there that was simple, straight-talking, organic and cool!" revealed the founder of Skin & Tonic; something just clicked inside her, she felt ready to start her own business. Sarah supported by Josh, her partner in crime, created Skin & Tonic in 2014, an organic & locally handmade skincare brand based in London. 

Sarah from Skin & Tonic


Why Skin & Tonic ?

Josh and Sarah met at a party in 2009 over a glass of Gin & Tonic and the union of two little like-minded dreamer/believers took place and never looked back.


I started to make skincare for myself using simple, organic ingredients. Within no time, a persistent case of dermatitis disappeared and my skin looked, and felt, great.

How is the Gentle Scrub made?

Sarah used to have dermatitis before discovering organic and handmade cosmetics products which completely heal her skin issues. Therefore, she was looking at producing a scrub which will be as gentle as possible on your skin which was a real success. This scrub, made as a powder, contains 6 of the couple's favourites ingredients such as oat, corn, probiotic yoghourt, rosehip and french pink clay which help detoxifying skin and leaving your complexion soft and nourished. You mix 1/2 tsp with warm water, gently massage onto skin and then rinse off.   

Skin and Tonic - gentle scrub

Available in the London Box this December & January and in the e-shop


Important to know

Skin and Tonic is cruelty free, preservative free, organic and made in Britain. Skin & Tonic is also working towards being carbon neutral, planting trees in Suffolk to offset their carbon footprint, uses 100% recyclable glass containers, and donates 10% of profits to Charity Water to provide water and sanitation to those in need.