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Simon from Caria Natural Soap

Who is behind the brand Caria Natural Soap?

Simon and Aslı Cuss are the founders of Caria Natural and also a couple that were living between England and Turkey, Milas. 

Why did you choose to launch your own brand?

I have been a vegetarian for 20 years which means I look at what I eat and what I use in everyday life. I will not use anything where animals have been abused or used, so I am used to looking at the ingredients of products I use. And then we became even more concerned when our son was born and were extra cautious the type of products we would use. When we looked up what were in some of the bathing products we were shocked which made us think twice and handmaking our own skincare products really made sense. 

Where do you find inspiration?

Traditional Turkish natural products and natural ingredients and essential oils.

How is made the Bittim Soap we can find in this month’s box?

Bittim Soap originates in the South East of Turkey where Pistacia Terebinth or Menengiç oil is from. After sourcing the oil, we will then blend it with the Organic Olive Oil and caustic soda to get a fruity scented Bittim soap bar.

What does “ Made in Turkey” means to you?

Turkey is a power house producer, so a lot of products available in shops worldwide are ‘Made in Turkey’ which helps the national economy and preserves employment.

Why is it so important nowadays to buy local?

Most of the times, buying from large supermarkets & chains means those items are being mass produced and not in the right conditions. However, nowadays with the rise of online shopping, we can buy local homemade products with a much higher quality and getting to know the person who made it. This applies to soap, clothes, food etc.


Have you always lived in Milas?

Aslı was born and raised in Milas while Simon was born and raised in Brighton, England.

What is your relationship with this city?

Situated close to Bodrum, Milas is surrounded by Olive and Pine trees and the area is surrounded by 110 villages and agricultural land producing anything from cotton and sesame to Olive oil, we embrace the natural surroundings and are lucky to enjoy locally sourced products every day which we also use in our natural beauty products.

What would be the Authentic Turkey for you?

Authentic Turkey is easy to find outside the cities - be wild and explore the towns and villages, it is where you will get the local experience. 

A favourite dish?

Grilled Sea Bream.

Any recommendations for our readers who want to visit Turkey?

My recommendation would be to try and visit the real turkey as I was mentioning before try to avoid the touristic areas and explore the country; Turkey is such a big country with a lot to discover and to learn about. Visit a village market you will be amazed by the mixture of scents, sit in a Turkish Tea shop and talk with the local.  Turkish people are very proud, very traditional and so friendly ! 


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