My Made in Box is a subcription box and online marketplace bringing to light handmade beauty & fashion accessories while connecting the makers with you.

We believe in Transparency, Sustainability & Diversity


It is so important to understand who, where and how our pieces are made. Behind each creation, there is a passion, an experience, a talent which has led the creator to make something out of his hands and this is the story we like to share with our audience.

We believe the local craftmanship is often the best translation of a country history, culture, influences, religions & women empowerment and therefore the best way to discover the real & authentic country. Through this project, we aim to put every independent business and every country on the same equal scale, representing their heritage, stories through their designs.

In the Box and on our marketplace, we only collaborate with local independent designers, makers, artisans and non profit organisation in the country hand making their own products. We do not partner with companies who do not have the full traceability of the supply chain and do not work with companies that are not locally based in the country of production.


We are committed in providing fair & equal wages no matter the country you are born into while respecting and protecting the environment. Indeed, makers sell their items to us at the price they have pre-determined for their stockists and wholesalers.

Artisanal work demands less use of machines & equipment which requires less energy. Also, we ensure that all the makers we are working with are being mindful with their impact by using locally sourced and eco-friendly materials & ingredients. We also like to insist that we partner with makers who are also able to share the whole traceability and like to be transparent about what they do.

We also ensure we do our part too ! We use recyclable and reusable packaging to deliver the items over to our customer. We use dried flowers we looked after in our workshop and often reutilize packaging that have been sent to us as a way of repurposing materials.



Throughout our travels, we have met wonderful people, have shared inspiring stories and have laughed at our differences. We are proud to establish a business that celebrate these differences and encourage everyone around this globe to share their opinions, experiences and journeys. There is no world without the diversity and unicity of it. Everyone comes with a story and so an inspiration for others. We dream of a world where the words “ races” do not exist and where refugees stories are the inspiration of tomorrow.

We believe Fashion is inspired by the country, its history, heritage and influences and comes with their own fabrics, techniques of manufacturing and meanings. From Japanese made indigo clothing to African wax prints accessories to Moroccan Kaftan, global fashion influences our fashion style more than ever and it connects us with these countries somehow. At My Made in Box, we are thriving to highlight and preserve these traditional customs while promoting sustainability and empowering local communities.