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Our Philosophy




 "we celebrate craftsmanship and support local makers"


We recognise the importance of buying locally made products to support the independent craftsmen and women around the world. These individual creations reflect the personal art within their countries. With simple curiosity to discover new designs, textiles & materials used for each piece, we love sourcing, supporting creators and sharing with our customers unique items carefully handcrafted.



" Life is made of travels "


From exploring cultural diversities, to discovering the individual delicacies and designs of locally made items , we invite our customers to immerse themselves in the local experience of a country from the comfort of their home.




"Traceability, Authenticity & Transparence are our motto"

By sharing the story of each creator, our customers participate in the manufacturing process of their goods and know the traceability of their products. There is nothing more beautiful than being able to know how and where your products has been made, by whom and the story behind. 




"Enjoy the little things in life and love each of them"


After all, it is all about Love. 

We give the opportunity to connect with customers from around the globe and recognise their know-how on an international scale while we help our customers to explore countries, connect with local communities & learn from people experiences.