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Natasha from Tao Craft

Who is behind the brand Tao Craft?

I am Natasha, a free spirit, enjoying the little things in life. Being born in this beautiful paradise, I love going to the beach, meeting new people and sharing experiences.

Natasha Tao Craft

Why did you choose to launch your own brand?

I’ve always loved crafting. At some point, I was crafted so much stuff that finally I ask myself why couldn’t I try to sell my crafts. Along the way, I fell in love with gems and try to highlight their natural beauty in my creations and wanted to share my love with my friends and family which pushed me to create my own brand.

Where do you find inspiration?

In my daily life, the people around me and especially the Nature : I just love finding the complexity of simplicity in everything. I am also a huge believer of the moon and its magic which has a great influence in my designs.

What is the design process of the minimalist gemstone necklace we can find in this month’s box?

I wanted to craft something special to someone to wish her best of luck in her new journey and this is how I came up with the design of the Minimalist Gemstone Necklace. I would then choose the type of gemstones and the colours, I love to keep my designs minimalist, dainty, easy to wear at all times. We live in a island and you want to be able to wear your jewellery during the hot weather, at the beach and swim with them. I consider all those factors when creating my designs.

What does “Made in Mauritius” mean to you? 

“Made in Mauritius” is so essential nowadays to ensure we are preserving the local craftsmanship of our beautiful island and also make sure as a consumer we are purchasing products which has been made in good working conditions and in respect to the environment. I am proud to say that Tao Craft is handmade with love by my little hands in Mauritius using local products.

Living in the Mauritius Island well known for honeymoons and luxurious holidays, how would you define the Authentic Mauritius?

Our little island is full of treasures. Authentic by its nature of course, but also by our authentic people, our authentic artists, our authentic talents.

Your favourite Mauritius dish?

I love them all! It is hard to choose. Mauritius is an island with many different ethnicities which allows us to have a wide variety of cuisines. Somedays I would feel like having Chinese or Indian, Creole or even European. It depends on my mood !  

What are your projects in 2018?

My projects in 2018 are to grow my minimalist lucky charms , continue to bring with you a piece of joy, peace, love, good vibes in your life with my handcrafted gemstones and create a new range a new collection - stay tuned ! 

Any places you would like to travel to? Why?

I love travelling and discovering new places, other cultures and yummy food. I’m adding on my list everyday:) I would also love to visit countries where I could fetch my own gems. So many beautiful things to see!