Made in Mauritius

This Summer, we are landing in one of the most beautiful island on earth: Mauritius Island. We are ready to explore every corner of the island through their locally handmade creations: 


The Versatile & Eco-friendly Clutch

Clucth Amused Collections

Lindi is the young and talented artist behind Amused Collections and is sharing with us the authenticity and simplicity through her handmade and versatile clutch. Read more on her profile.

 The Minimalist and Lucky charm Necklace

Necklace Tao craft

Natasha is a free spirit and enjoy living life to its fullest. Passionate about the moon and its energy, she created her own range of lucky charm necklace to bring happiness, joy and positive vibes to people around her. Read more on her profile 


The Natural Handmade Soap

Bruce and Peanut Natural Handmade soap

Sharon and Jerome are the founders behind the exquisite Natural & Handmade soap. The couple team (and their two dogs) have decided to create their own skincare range to raise environmental and animal welfare issues in our society. We definitely go for it ! Read more on their profile


The Boho Shell Ankle 

Sunniva Accessories

Sunniva has fallen for this Beauty on Earth and all the way from Norway has decided to settle down in Mauritius and create her own range of ethical fashion accessories inspired by the island. Read more on the profile. 


The quirky creole postcard 

Zourit postcard

The quirky postcards are hand-illustrated by the Zourit Team, a bunch of amazing talents founded by Joelle, a illustrator and founder of the artistic brand. Constantly looking for young illustrators, Joelle has founded Zourit to help them displaying their work, we love each of them ... and we get to learn some Creole ! Read their profile.