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Mosley London

Who is behind Mosley London?

"My name is Lyndsey Mosley. I'm the one woman band behind Mosley London and since December a mum of a lovely baby girI. I do everything, from design to overseeing production, packing orders and emailing stockists".

Before Mosley London, Lyndsey was an editor in the British film Industry. she started working as a runner when she was 18 and worked for ten years carving a career. She realised in her late twenties that she wanted to be a mum but she knew her career would suffer. "In the film industry you're generally based in different parts of the UK for long stretches of time with limited notice, not to mention the 6 day week contracts and long hours. I decided that this wasn’t the environment I wanted to raise my children in, so I decided to find a new career... and Mosley London was born" declared Lyndsey. 

Lyndsey Mosley London

The talented Lyndsey from Mosley London


Ethical brand

Lyndsey went to Central Saint Martins and studied fine art. She started selling her fine art online and she realised that there could be an opportunity to apply her art to products. "I decided to go down the ethical route because I felt it was important to know the manufacturers you work with. My products and design style is playful and fun so I wanted to channel this vision right through from design to finished product" she told us.

What a day at her Whitechapel studio looks like?

"A day in my Whitechapel studio currently is all about sending emails to stockists and packing orders. At the start of the year, it looked like a fine art studio as I was designing my S/S 17 collection and in the middle of the year it looked like a fabric store as I was in the middle of making samples for the A/W 17 collection. I like to be really hands on with all the design and the production of my work" she revealed. 


Whitechapel Gallery London

Whitechapel Gallery London


Tell us more about the story behind the greeting cards ...

Lyndsey likes that her core cards have little stories within the design. She used to have type that explained what each story meant but after a while she realised it limited the scope and creativity of the cards. "I think giving someone a card is such a lovely gesture and so it's no surprise that greetings cards where my first real product when I launched Mosley London".  

What's next for Mosley London ?

"For the next few months I will be winding down as I just had my first baby" ( HOORAY!); however Lyndsey has big plans and will be spending the next few months creating a new collection for 2018 with lots of new interesting products to share. Watch this space !