Melody G design

Who is behind Melody G Design?

Melody Grossman, it's the girl behind the business; an ambitious 25 year old artist living and working in London. Over the last year she's been working on creating the handmade jewellery and accessories using her original artwork and print designs - making each piece from scratch. Surrounded by the bustling and demanding nature of London, she's determined to make some positive noise in the artistic community. 

Melody G design, creator of acrylic jewellery line

Our gorgeous artist

​Melody has always been extremely interested in fashion and came up with the idea of combining her two main loves of fashion and art to create the lines - to create something that was affordable but still visually exciting. She graduated from Winchester School of Art in 2013 with a degree in Fine Art Painting, and since then has been developing her work and exploring digital collage and printmaking, blurring the lines between mediums and playing with bright colours and punchy text. 

handmade necklaces jewellery line

Wearable artwork


Meet the Maker: 


Melody G Design is also promoting awareness around the world, 

By purchasing Melody G designs jewellery line, you also donate a percentage of the total profits to Living Goods charity, a charity which helps women in underdeveloped areas by providing them with opportunities to run their own businesses and contribute to creating a self-sustaining society, providing jobs and money for those in need. 

And the jewellery line is having a positive impact on the environment by being Eco Friendly

​Indeed,  all the materials are sourced locally when possible, and Melody tries to reduce her carbon footprint along the way as much as possible. The wooden pieces use materials from only sustainable woodlands, such as those certified with FSC or PEFC, all of which come with European Trade Certificates for extra peace of mind. 


Her beautiful work is available in the  London Box this December & January and in the e-shop!