Made in Turkey

This Fall, we are landing in one of the most inspiring country which we had the pleasure to visit and meet wonderful makers : Turkey! 


The Leaf Gold Plated Necklace

Ebru has been surrounded by creativity since childhood and has developed a love for jewelery while traveling to Italy. With her keen eye for detail, the architecture student has started to develop her own jewellery line inspired by Istanbul, the city she grew up, and her love for local archiecture, buildings. Read more on her profile.

 The Bittim Soap

Simon and his wife Asli are living between England and Milas, Turkey. Their love for this small area surrounded by Olive and Pine trees and Nature has made them appreciate and enjoy local and fresh food and ingredients they use in their natural beauty product. Read more on her profile 


The Turkish Towel 

Serife is the women behind Turkish Dowry situated in Kayseri, a small city in the centre of Turkey. Since childhood, she saw her father weaving Turkish Towel on a vintage loom and then taught his daughter his incredible knowledge. Serife has made her passion her dream job today, she has never thought of a better to live than through handmade creations. Read more on their profile


The Turkish Sketch

Deniz is the urban sketcher behind A Pinch of Sketches, the reflection of his passion for the local things that surround him. Living in Ankara, it took him some time to get used to the city life but it has its perks, he never felt so inspired by the city appreciating and looking around to collect moments, draw its people, old buildings, museums and the local food. Read more on the profile. 


The Evil Eye Bracelet 

Burcin & Berkay built their love story around their passion for jewellery.