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Made in Spain

This April & May , we are landing in one of the most visited country well-known for its incredible and welcoming culture: Welcome to Espana: 

Lavs Jewels 

Lavs jewels barcelona handmade jewellery

Laura is the talented jeweler behind Lavs Jewels created in 2013 in Barcelona. She studied at the ''Escola d'art la industial''in Barcelona as she was already passionate about jewellery and once her studies finished, Laura and her friends found a small studio in the neighborhood of Gràcia to make Lavs Jewels happen. Read more on her profile.


Cat & Cloud


Barbara from Cat & Cloud

Barbara is a girl from Madrid who moved to Asturias 5 years ago and studied Fashion Designer  because Fashion was always my passion.  While working for a full time job, Barbara decided it was time to turn her passion into an actual business and with the help of a friend she started sewing fashion accessories.{ Read more on her profile}

Reina Calendula

Reina Calendula Irene

Irene is the woman behind Reina Calendula and since recently a mother of a young buy. Irene started to be more and more concerned on the products she was putting on her skin and especially since she became a mother. She then started to learn about natural ingredients & their properties and with the support from her friends and family decided to create her own range of handmade & natural soaps. Read more on her profile.

Annies Finger
Annies Finger Sarah
Sarah is a 30 years old talented illustrator and 100% Irish although she has now lived in the south of Spain for nearly 20 years. At 20 years old, Sarah lost her job and thought it might the time to live her entrepreneurial adventure. Read more on her profile.
Limona Lisa
Yana from Limona Lisa
Yana is the woman behind the brand happily supported by Divna and Vasil. Everyone has different duties and responsibilities in Limona Lisa, but the three of them equally share the common passion for natural and healthy products. Read more on her profile.