Made in France

Bienvenue en France ! 

This February & March, we are delighted to take a road trip to France and to meet with the talented entrepreneurs that are featuring their beautifully made creations in the Made in France Box: 

Heloise from Le Boudoir d'Heloise

Heloise is the founder of Le Boudoir d'Heloise, a women & men jewellery and accessories brand which offers exclusive and elegant creations all handmade with delicates and natural materials. She has started this journey awhile ago to share with her friends & family and officially launch it on social media in 2017.{read more on her profile}.


Clementine & Camille from Les Petits Prodiges 


Camille & Clementine, two 26 years-old women, are the founders of Les Petits Prodiges, a magic and multi purpose balm containing only 7 ingredients to make your skincare routine easier and healthier! They met 8 years ago at uni and since then we never left each other's side {read more on her profile}


Aurelie from Plum Jewellery

Living in Paris, Aurelie always dreamt to be an entrepreneur and saw Plum Jewelry as the perfect occasion to get started. She was inspired to create a jewellery line which demonstrate the modern vision of femininity, something authentic, dynamic and elegant and this is how Plum Jewelryy was born  {Read more on her profile}


Brune & Isaure from La Manufacture du Siecle 


Two women !  Brune is the founder of La Manufacture du Siecle working along with her sister Isaure the soap maker. After studying Literature at uni, Brune chose to do a naturopathy training to learn more about the use of ingredients and essentials oils on our skin. La Manufacture du Siecle is a reflection of her passion for natural beauty and arts { Read more on their profile}


Lolita from Lolita Picco

 Lolita is a young and talented illustrator living in Marseille and who has started her entrepreneurial adventure in 2012 with retro and fun postcard and expand her the Lolita Picco line with home decor and accessories { Read more on her profile}