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Lucie Ellen

Who is behind the brand? 

Lucie Ellen has been moving and shaking since 2007 by its founder Lucie Beeston who channels her love of clashing colours and geometric shapes into designing jewellery and homewares. She combined this love of bright colours and shapes with her favourite materials – wood and paper – to create a uniquely playful and diverse range of brooches, bangles, earrings, necklaces, wall art. Everything she creates is lovingly made by hand in her garden studio in East London and she uses as much reclaimed and environmentally responsible materials as possible.

Originally, she planned to be a ­graphic designer. After leaving school in Suffolk she embarked on a degree at the London College of Printing but decided to leave after a year with a need to do something with her hands. She started by putting together toy animals bought from the Early Learning Centre and bits of broken jewellery and wooden puzzles from boot sales, all with badge-backs glued to them she revealed. 

Her Inspiration


Her main motivation is creating things that people will cherish from things that would have otherwise ended up in the bin. Broken china, offcuts of wood, falling apart books and scraps of paper. Because of this, you will notice a very 40s/50s feel in her work which we totally fall for !

How is a necklace made? 

In her workshop, there’s a fretsaw, for cutting shapes from sheets of plywood, and a paper cutter that turns Lucie’s Photoshop designs of leaves, dots and geometric shapes into perfect cutouts. She paints these in coloured emulsion, before laminating them onto a plywood shape, finishing with varnish. The monochrome necklace is an absolute favourite and truly 50s inspired!

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On the road 

You can also find Lucie around London markets such as Urban East Maker or Etsy markets !

Lucie Ellen london market