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Lolita from Lolita Picco

Who is behind the brand Lolita Picco?

My name is Lolita Picco, I am 31 and live in Marseille. I am an illustrator & graphic designer since 2009 and founded Lolita Picco, a home decor and lifestyle brand in 2012.

Lolita, founder of Lolita Picco

Why did you choose to launch your own brand?

Being an illustrator from the very beginning, I started to print some illustrations on postcards and notebook covers. At that time, I had a full time job and was only doing it on my free time until I started to sell few illustrations and saw a growing interest into my designs. In 2012, the time had come for me to resign my full time job and to begin this entrepreneurial adventure! Since then, I have expanded my range of products and now offers, in addition to my illustrated postcards,  accessories such as lapel pin, badges or magnets and home decor such as poster or mugs.

What is your main source of inspiration?

My main source of inspiration is my everyday life. My surroundings or people in general inspire me. I love playing with words and the ironic sense of humour, it is a great combination to work with ! French language has so many expressions, all very funny and figurative.


How is our Retro & Fun Postcard made?

First of all, I will look into my antique photo collection I gathered from car boot sale, my grandma's trunk or that I brought back from my travellings and will then choose one that inspire me, tells me a story ! Looking at the picture, I then like to draw a stereotypical french expression. Once drawn, I will pass it onto to a printer which will produce them.

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What a day with you would look like?

I switch on my computer at 9 am and start replying to my emails and have a look at my favourite and inspiring websites. I would then either start processing the orders, work on my accountability and creating the new collection or I would start the production monitoring. I work on my own so I need to manage myself in every aspects of the brand, I never get bored. The only things that are always by my side are my music and my cat!

Any travels this year?

Last summer, I discovered the US with a road trip from Chicago to New Orleans by crossing the Mississippi. It was a dream coming true to celebrate my thirties and I absolutely loved it ! So this year, I will take another road trip in the US but this time driving through New York, Boston and New England. I can’t wait !