Lindi from Amused Collections


Who is behind the brand A.mused ?

Amused was created in May 2016 by Lindi L’introuvable, a 30 year old girl who lives in Mauritius. I am a very smiling and positive person. I love going at the beach, travelling and discovering new cultures, meeting new people and sharing experiences.

Lindi from Amused collections
Lindi from Amused Collections


Why did you choose to launch your own brand?

Amused was not something I planned initially. The first accessories I created was tassels necklaces and bracelets for Christmas gifts. Soon my friends started asking where they could get it from. And seeing their appreciation I did a private sale with a special launch collection. And this is how it all started, the creative juice in me was created and I could not stop that energy.

Where do you find inspiration?

I have always been a big fan of Victoria’s secret brand PINK which reflects on amused brand for example all our tassel necklaces comes in a nice tin box sprayed with our favorite mist from Victoria’s secret. I always try to create things that I like and make it enjoyable for others. All the accessories that I create has always a mix of vintage, fun and colourful touch as I work a lot with fluo colours on our pouches. I like working with local materials and I like mixing the different textures.

What is the design process of the lovely clutch we can find in this month’s box?

This clutch was designed specially for the beach and the size was chosen thoughtfully so we can put all our essentials for a great tanning day. I wanted a beach pouch that will reflect Mauritius and the choice of material makes it perfect with a touch of modernity with the silver lining around and a fun touch with the print in bright colours with a top layer of transparent flakes. This beach pouch collection comes in five different designs and can also be tailor made to your brand and design that you want. It is made with love from A-Z and the material aged beautifully.

First things first I buy all my materials locally and then deliver them to our workshop where the panels are cut and sent afterwards to the printer. After printing they are sent back at the workshop where they are sewed. Once it’s completed, we finally add our little pompom to the pouch.


What does “Made in Mauritius” means to you? And how does A.mused embody this definition of the “ Made in “?

The Made in Mauritius is very important to me as it provides consumers with product traceability and a clear and objective indication of the source. It is an important component, both for companies that want to sustain the know-how of the artisan as for consumers who want to consume in a more humane and local.

For Amused everything is bought and made locally and I also like to collaborate with other SMEs.

Living in the Mauritius Island well known for honeymoons and luxurious holidays, how would you define the Authentic Mauritius?

I think that Mauritius has got an amazing flora and fauna. My authentic Mauritius is waking up to the sound of the birds, being able to enjoy our beautiful beaches and jog in the forest and hike mountains. Going to Port-Louis to have a nice bowl of dimsums known as “boulettes” or even a pair of “dhull puri” or “gato piment” and seeing the mix of culture on the streets.

Mauritius has got a lot of talents and there is nothing nicer than someone playing his guitar on the beach on a sunday with friends enjoying our famous Phoenix Beer.

Mauritius is a cosy place… and we easily fall in love with it!

Your favourite Mauritius dish?

Rice, lentils, tomato salad, Jacques curry with boucané, chili paste, achard

How would you like to see A.mused  grow in 2018?

I would like Amused to go online where people around the world can buy Made in Mauritius products in one click.

Any places you would like to travel to? Why?

I have so many places I want to discover but in the coming year i would love to discover these places below:

Greece, Turquie, Costa Rica, Mexico, Bahamas…

Simply because these places make me dream and I cannot wait to discover the culture