Laura from Lavs Jewels


Who is behind the brand  Lavs Jewels?

I am Laura Sabatés, a jeweler from Barcelona who created Lavs Jewels in 2013.
Since I was little I like to create small pieces of costume jewelery and therefore so I studied at the ''Escola d'art la industial''in Barcelona.
Once I finished my studies, my friends and I founded a small studio in the neighborhood of Gràcia to make Lavs Jewels happen!

Why did you choose to launch your own brand?

Creating your own brand and work for yourself give you the ability to work the way you want your business to work. Also, it allows me to enjoy every aspect and step when creating a piece of jewellery. I like to be involved in the whole process of manufacturing a jewelry collection, from the design & creative part to the handcrafting a unique piece.

Which material inspires you the most?

I usually get inspired working directly on brass and I absolutely love cutting out different geometric shapes and combine them, it always impresses me !

What is the process of manufacturing the gorgeous necklace we can find in this month’s box?

Firstly, I prepare the cable and the brass plate. Once I have the materials in place, I make two circles of the same size and I produce a polished finishing which I will hand paint with blue and pink green tones with acrylic paint. We need to let them dry for few hours before assembling them with a silver thread and a golden chain. The Geometrical mint dotted necklace is now ready to be wore.

Your favourite Spanish dish?

I love a typical Catalan dish called Escudella. It’s a kind of soup with meat, pasta and vegetables. You normally eat it on Christmas Day, but impossible to resist ! And of course the famous Jamón Iberico with pa amb tomàquet (bread with tomatoes).

What are the projects in 2018?

In 2018, you will be able to visit us at numerous exhibitions such the Inhorgenta Jewelry Fair and other exhibition at OFFF Barcelona festival.

Any travels this year?

I will fly to Dominican Republic in May, I absolutely can't wait !