Irene from Reina Calendula

Who is behind the Brand Reina Caléndula?

My name is Irene and I’m the woman behind Reina Calendula. I recently became an entrepreneur producing a natural & handmade skincare range 100% Made in Spain and I am also a mom of a little boy. 

 Irene from Reina Calendula


Why did you choose to launch your own brand?

I first started to make handmade soap for personal use as I became more concerned about the ingredients found in our daily skincare products and also as a mother I wanted to apply the best high quality product on my son. I started to have my very own collection and shortly my friends & family have asked me to produce some for them and this is how it all started !

How the brand name “Reina Calendula” was born? 

This is a funny story ! While building my brand, one day, I was sitting with my son watching cartoons on TV when on character appears: Nature's Queen named Reina Calendula. I could not think of a better name knowing that the Calendula flower is key in the natural cosmetic world and this is how I fall in love with the name as it totally fits the vision of the business. 

What is the process of manufacturing the exfoliating soap we can find in the box this month?

Firstly, I will start selecting ingredients that inspire me to work with. The one featured in the My Made in Spain Box is blended with the finest ingredients such as Olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil, rosemary essential oil but also turmeric and poppy seed, all 100% natural and organic. 

Once processed, I will add the sodium hidroxide and blend the mixture until I obtain a thick paste and then I like to add essential oils at the end to preserve the soap properties as it not only smell delicious but has so many therapeutic benefits for the skin & the mind. I handpoured the mix in a wooden mould and leave it for 24 hours before cutting them out and let them rest for five to six weeks in an airy place. 


Exfoliating soap by Reina Calendula

How do you best use the exfoliating soap?

Our skin renews itself through a complex process that repeats every 14 days. So, it is best to use it once a week to help the process and ease blood circulation. First cleanse your skin with a natural soap and then scrub your whole body, face included, with our exfoliating soap and feel a soften and freshen skin after use. 

Why the “Made in Spain” concept is important to you?

Today's society is fully immersed in the fast consumption of cheap products which are heavily produced by workers too often exploited and not fairly paid which is a vicious circle we can't ignore. 

Artisans of the world have the opportunity to tell their story, take the time to make products through traditional process and show their craftmanship with local ressources. 

I love ethically made items which you know their origin and their impact on the world and I especially love the products made in my country which I believe a lot of people would like to get their hands on. 

What a day with you look like?

My day starts in my co-sleeping bed, with my fiancé and my son. Well... and my doggie and cat beside too haha!

We have breakfast together and I will then drive my son to school. When I come back home, I review all my orders and then start planning my day and my week. I like to be in the workshop preparing the soaps and some other day I varied with making face & baby cream but also lip balm or healing balms and soon we will be releasing salt scrubs. 

Once back from school, I love to spend with my little family and once my son is asleep I like to check my Etsy store but also the social media. 

I have another job, but hopefully Reina Calendula will be my only job soon.

A favourite Spanish dish?

Salmorejo!! It’s a typical Andalusian dish, which is where my family is from.

It is made using a mix of tomatoes, cucumbers, onion, garlic, green and red pepper, water, vinegar, bread, olive oil and salt, all mashed. It’s heaven!!!

A place to relax and connect with your mind?

Home is my zen place. When I need a reset, I just go out and sit down in the garden, feeling the sun on my skin and listening the bird chapping, close my eyes and breathe.

What are the projects for Reina Calendula in 2018?

To grow our product range on Etsy and build a website. We will also be partnering with concept stores and physical stores for people to enjoy and taste our range. 

Any travels you are dreaming of?

Yes! We are getting married next July and are currently looking for the perfect destination. As we are nature lovers, we would love to discover " the Black Jungle" in Germany or the National parks in Calgary, Canada. Bali is also on our bucket list. 


We love supporting women and especially women entrepreneurs who fight to follow their dreams, who or what inspired you to become an entrepreneur?

I was tired to help building someone's else dream and overworking which often prevent me seeing my son during the evening. We are here to do a lot more than this. We are here to enjoy life, to live adventures, to grow as a person and as a group.I believe work should be a passion and bring flexibility to your lifestyle. This is my dream and Ill do all my best to achieve it.