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Heloise from le Boudoir d'Heloise

Who is behind Le Boudoir d’Heloise?

My name is Heloise and I am the founder of Le Boudoir d’Heloise, a women & men french jewellery and accessories brand which offers exclusive and elegant creations all handmade with delicates and natural materials.

It is been quite awhile now that I have launched my own line but at its very beginning it was mainly for my friends and family which has then evolved and became commercialised to a larger public with the launch of my Facebook & Instagram pages and on Etsy in 2017.


What inspired you to create your own jewellery and accessories line including our lovely French Bows?

With its expansion in 2017, I wanted to start brand new and create something that would inspire me and the person who would wear it. I was willing to go back to basics with unique & minimalist designs while using raw and natural materials such as wood, cork, brass, china and delicate fabrics. Then, the desire to use recycled materials became inevitable and shortly part of my universe. In fact, the French bows were first born, handmade with recycled wooden crates and then by going through Grandma's trunk I gave it a more elegant and chic touch with fine and delicate ribbons. The final result is far more feminine and can be found in preview in the French Box this February & March.

How is our little French Bow made?

I use delicate and refined fabrics, often recycled and look for the right colours, the ones which would represent  l'élégance à la française. Next, I will cut them out and sew each bow by hand which will then be assembled with ribbon. A little clip will be attached at the back et voila it is ready to be fixed anywhere you wish !


You are working with different materials and we are wondering which one inspire you the most?

Wood is the material that I often use and I love working with! However, I also like the brass which allows to add different variation into your work. I love to touch a little bit of everything !

What’s on your travel to-do list for this year?

I would love to travel to Brazil for its culture and its colours and more particularly in the village called Jericoacoara which I fell in love with ! Also, as part of my passion for Celtic Culture, I would really much like to discover Ireland, the landscapes look stunning.