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Ebru from Studio Oliki

Who is behind the brand “Studio Oliki”?

My name is Ebru, I'm an architect and jewelry designer. I have always been impressed by bold structures and I loved creating contrast, like a highly geometric mass cut with a curvy wall which is now the main approach I use through Studio Oliki.

Why did you choose to launch your own brand?

Since childhood, I’ve been surrounded by creativity. I was inspired by my father’s genius projects and sister’s paintings around the home. My mother could also paint, but her gift was crocheting. 
It was so inspiring being surrounded by creative people when I decided to go to school to study architecture. I loved creating with my hands and tools. 

Istanbul has taught me a lot, the city of contrast, and pushed me to discover it and I was eager to see more. I decided to take a break and discover life in Europe. I attended the Erasmus Program in Rome where I learned a lot about history, architecture, design, and fashion. The boutiques in Italy led me to discover the unique shapes and composition jewelry pieces could hold, which got me thinking about creating my own line.

Once my return to Istanbul, I felt a sudden urge to do something creative in addition to my schooling. I reflected on my recent experiences and ended up creating a jewelry line called EPUU & OLIKI, and I loved it. I had so many ideas and designs already in my head that were just waiting to come to fruition. 


Where do you find inspiration to create your gorgeous jewellery?

I am inspired by everyday's life. Istanbul is a real inspiration and has taught me a lot, the city of contrast, and pushed me to discover more. There is no doubt that it’s one of the most inspiring cities in the world. Photography also helps me find inspiration and details you might have thought of. My Nikon used to be the only necklace I had (I wasn’t fond of jewelry back then!). Along with photography came a clearer vision of the world; I fell in love for buildings and architecture which can be reflected in my jewellery pieces. 

How did you feel about becoming a young entrepreneur?

By the time I graduated, I had to make a decision about my career. It was a difficult one, but I wanted to move forward with my jewelry line instead of architecture. I now love every aspect of my job: shopping, designing, modeling, being a photographer, and marketing. But most of all, I love engaging with customers and hearing feedback from people who love and respect what I do.

What does “ Made in Turkey” means to you? Why is it so important nowadays to buy local?

“Made in Turkey” means you are rewarding someone for their creativity, their imagination, their talent and there is nothing more personal than that.

How would you like to see “Studio Oliki” grow this year?

Until the age of 25 I had set a plan which I thought I would follow but I now live a life that I couldn’t have even pictured a year ago, and it’s amazing. I like the excitement of not knowing how the future will be; I’m enjoying every second of it!