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Deniz from A Pinch of Sketches

Who is behind the brand “A Pinch of Sketches”?

It’s me, Deniz Oslu. I’m a full time engineer and you can call me an urban sketcher at other times. Sketching the things around me and spreading them as postcards makes me feel alive.

Why did you choose to launch your own brand?

Spending the whole year with a crazy workload of engineering and wishing to have a nice holiday season does not make me motivated anymore. Four years ago, when I was 28, I felt like I need to do something different from my academical background and I decided to sketch the things around me and share them as postcards. Since then, I carry a small bag with me, full of watercolors, pens, brushes and a sketchbook. That was how i added “A pinch of sketches” to my life.

Where do you find inspiration to create your amazing drawings?

Nothing special but i’m deeply interested in local things. I just look around with curious eyes and collect them with my own lines and strokes in my sketchbook. The people, old buildings, museums and the local food attracts me most.   

What does “ Made in Turkey” means to you? Why is it so important nowadays to buy local?

“Made in Turkey” means the pride to be in the creative and productive process. I do prefer buying local because I believe buying local supports the real artisans.

Have you always lived in Ankara? What is your relationship with this city?

I was born and grown up in a city near the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. I’ve moved to Ankara awhile ago when I was a college student. There was a time, I was one of the citizens who were not happy with the city but then I chose to explore the city like a stranger, i started sketching, seeing instead of looking. Then, I’ve met many people through sketching and my postcards. Now, i can honestly say that i’m quite happy to be in this city.

A favourite dish?

I love cooking, eating and I have been illustrated some famous Turkish recipes at a local magazine recently. The local food in Turkey is really amazing and if you ask for a favourite, I would give you a long list. But beside of that list, without any hesitation I can say that a full Turkish breakfast including the “simit” is my favourite. After the breakfast I can have my Turkish coffee, without sugar please :)

Any recommendations for our readers who want to visit Turkey?

Most of the visitors just plan to stop at Istanbul or they only visit some beaches. I can recommend them to plan for spending more time in Turkey. There’s the nature, the history, the culture and great food to be discovered.

How would you like to see “a pinch of sketches” grow this year?

I’m happy with the increasing interest on my postcards in Turkey. I will keep on sketching more and creating new postcards. I hope to expand it overseas soon.