Camille & Clementine from Les Petits Prodiges

Who is behind the brand?

We are Camille & Clementine, two 26 years-old women who met 8 years ago at uni and since then we never left each other's side. In fact, we always had this common desire to create something new, that would be conceptually innovative but back then we wanted to acquire a professional experience before making the big move. Therefore, we both started working for multinational cosmetic firms and 2 years later decided it was time to step into an entrepreneurial adventure!

What inspired you to create Les Petits Prodiges?

Working within the cosmetic industry, we quickly realised that our daily skincare routine was filled up with hundred of products which when looking at the label contain unpronouceable components mostly harmful for our health and environment. So we wanted to go Back to Basics and pay more attention to what's listed on our products labels. This is how is born Les Petits Prodiges, a multi purpose balm which is carefully made by a young woman in a small french cosmetic laboratory located in the south of France. Our balm contains only 7 ingredients, that everybody use on a daily basis, with excellent properties, good for your skin and health and is totally cute & affordable ! Cherry on the cake? It is Made in France from A to Z !

Can you explain to us the manufacturing process of the Balm we can find in the French box?

First of all, we carefully selected the ingredients we wanted to add in the balm and then decided to work with a small cosmetic laboratory based in France own by a young woman expert in that field to produce our lovely balms . We elaborated the formula all together; in fact, it was important for us to work with a human scale company located in France to have more control over our supply chain and feel that the person handmaking our products is part of our team ! 


Les Petits Prodiges

 Available in the French Box and the e-shop

Why the “Made in France” concept is important to you?

It is important to us as first all we love our country and there is a pride of buying products made within the country but also because according to us it guarantees a high quality product and contribute to the local economy. We love being close to all our suppliers, knowing that we participate in valuing their know how and this allow us to offer our customers a high value & efficient balm.


What a day with you would look like?

There is no typical days at Les Petits Prodiges ! Being at the very early stage of the start-up, it is only the two of us handling various topics a standard company would have. 


Living in Paris, can you share with us your absolute favourite places?

It is difficult to make a shortlist since there are so many wonderful places in Paris but among others we both enjoy walking along the Seine, staring at the beautiful landing crafts, strolling in the Jardin du Luxembourg, jogging in the Jardin des Tuileries, going to the theatre, trying new restaurants. It is a lively and wonderful city to live in ! 

A typical french dish?

To anyone out there, we definitely recommend the creme brulée !

What are the projects for Les Petits Prodiges in 2018?

We will be developing the brand notoriety on the French market and then abroad. We are also already thinking of a next range with lovely products but ssshhh this is a secret :)

Any travels this year?

Unfortunately not this year, we have so much to do on this first year of lauching Les Petits Prodiges that we cannot afford to travel, only exception would be if we need to travel for business :)