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Brune and Isaure from La Manufacture du Siecle

Who is behind La Manufacture du Siècle?

Two women ! My name is Brune and I am the founder of La Manufacture du Siecle working along with my sister Isaure. I am in charge of the product conceptualisation, sales & marketing and my sister is the one who is handmaking our lovely soaps and managing the workshop.

Isaure & Brune 


When did you become interested in artisanal soap manufacturing?

After studying Literature at uni, I chose to do a naturopathy training as I love to learn more about the use of ingredients and essentials oils on our skin. I shortly added green beauty products into my skincare routine and one day in 2014  I remember reading this woman's blog article which was explaining the traditional saponification method and it fascinated me! As I am pretty much manual and curious, I started producing my own soaps which was not only creative but healthy and eco-friendly!

How is La Poulette & Coeur de Jane soaps made?

Creating a soap is a little bit like baking. A soap is handmade with vegetable oils, plant based butter, essential oils, milk, clay, dried flowers etc… All the ingredients are carefully weighed and blended into a stainless steel large pan in which we will pour the caustic soda solution. Once the mix become a thick paste, we pour it into a mould which will create large and heavy soap bars. After 24 hours, we remove them from the mould and cut them out. Once stamped with our logo, the little soap bars will be placed into the drying room and stay there for a minimum of 4 weeks, time for the saponification method to take place. Once dried, we make sure to bevel the soaps, it allows them to be more handy et voila they are ready to be wrapped and delivered into someone’s lovely home.


 Available in the French Box & the e-shop

What would be a day with you in your workshop?

It is actually quite hard to describe a typical day as none of them look alike and as all entrepreneurs I need to wear a 1000 hats everyday but I usually like to wake up early, around 7 am and start with a coffee while responding to my emails. There is nothing better than admiring the city waking up and the local shops opening! I then fulfill the orders by carefully wrapping up our freshly made soaps into silk papers and writing a little note to our customers. Another important task of my day would be to update our social media and see what's happening in our industry. I spend quite few days in a week to imagine beautiful visuals to improve our brand identity and communicate them to our suppliers and partners. At the end of the day, I like to visit one of our supplier to stock up in raw materials. It is one of my favourite part of the day as our vision takes on its full meaning: buying local from a small producer, contributing to their know-how and supporting our local economy.


Any travels?

I often go back to Prague, as I used to live there and absolutely loved it but I would definitely like to hop on a plane for New York anytime soon !