Barbara from Cat & Cloud

Who is behind the brand CatandCloud?

Hi, I'm Barbara, a girl from Madrid who moved to Asturias 5 years ago. I studied fashion stylist because fashion was always my passion.

Barbara from Cat and Cloud

Barbara from Cat and Cloud

Why did you choose to launch your own brand?

It was a bunch of things. I had another job, which allowed me to have a lot of time for myself, so I decided to turn my passion into an actual business. I did not know how to sew, but I start learning with a friend then doing things on my own. I mainly sewing things for myself and then saw a lot more interest coming from friends & family who encouraged me to sell them. Fashion accessories are my passion, I like to dress with neutral colors and that all the protagonism is taken by the accessories, this is how Cat & Cloud was born.

Where do you find inspiration?

In my daily life, the people with whom I come across on the street. I also find inspiration in fashion magazines, which I love to collect & browse, my friends, in how they make me feel, in my cats, that they are the joy of my life and why my brand is called like that. Because here it's always cloudy and my 3 cats are always around me.

What is the process of manufacturing the tropical print purse we can find in the box this month?

Firstly, I like to think about a theme to highlight for each season and discuss it with my illustrator to get the perfect print. Once brainstormed, the fabric will be printed with the perfect fittings. The tropical print you can find with the coin purse featured in My Made in Spain Box is a print I wanted to experiment since quite awhile now! I would usually start with cutting out the fabric and sew along by finally adding the pink button. All the labels are also carefully made by hand. 

Cat and Cloud hand making

Why the “Made in Spain” concept is important to you?

Spain is the country I was born in and raised in, it is part of who I am today ! I live and breathe Spain, I love the food, its local products and its lifestyle, the Mediterannean life. Yes I do often eat at 11 pm, this is the Made in Spain lifestyle !

What a day with you would look like?

It would be fun and quiet in the same time ! I love to have fun but need calm to focus. I like to take time to enjoy the little things and start my day with a good breakfast with my family before starting work. I love my job, it is my passion and it always needs to be done in a positive and happy atmosphere ! I make sure to have some food in between, I love eating ! 

Your favourite Spanish dish?

So hard to choose ! I love Cocido madrileño, a traditional stew meal originally from Madrid made with meat and vegetable, gazpacho, jamon ibérico and croquettes but I have so many more i could share with you.  Food is a real passion and I love tasting different things, especially spanish food has so much to offer!


What are the projects for CatandCloud in 2018?

We will be promoting the business within Spain and our neighbours country France and Italy online but also offline as our audience is mainly in the United States. Stay tuned ! 

Any travels this year?

Well, I have 3 on my mind which might occur this week towards next. Lisbon, Morocco and Havana are on my list ! 

We love supporting women and especially women entrepreneurs who fight to follow their dreams, who or what inspired you to become an entrepreneur?

My surroundings supported to me to step forward in the entrepreneurial adventure but I was very much inspired by a blogger, named Alexandra Pereira {alias : Lovely Pepa}. She is an influencer and designer of her own brand and who truly work hard to become who she is now, I really admire that and always felt close to her journey. 

Do you have a female model that you feel inspired from?

Yes, more than one, I am very versatile. I like Meryl Streep, because she is a strong and determined woman but also Franca Sozzani who knew how to revolutionize the fashion industry. Virginia Wolf is also a feminine figure who inspires me for being a modernist and educate women to have the habit of freedom.