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Our Story


Ever heard of the saying, the world is your oyster? Well, that pretty much sums up my love for travelling. I started travelling from a very young age, exploring new and fascinating cities with my parents and from there ventured out to discover the beauty of the world by myself.

Fascinated by culture, I flew to Asia in 2015, visiting Malaysia and Thailand. And from there jetted off to Bangladesh and Japan, which in itself was a life experience. But I always knew there was something more to my travels. The more countries I visited, the more I started to discover raw and authentic, handmade products. They were so beautiful, so inspiring and each had a story behind them, which fascinated me and in turn, sparked a vision. What if I could share this with the world?



Initially wanting friends and family to experience these very products for themselves, I decided to move to one of the fashion capitals of the world, London. Spending most of my weekends visiting various markets and meeting up with independent designers, it got my creative juices flowing, inspiring me to create a product that would that would allow those who couldn’t afford to travel to discover handmade products from around the globe.


That’s when My Made in Box was born: Every two months a box full of authentic goods from around the world will be delivered to your doorstep. What’s the surprise? It could be from any city or country and you’ll get something that no one else has.


Connect with independent designers, learn their story and discover their products, all within the comfort of your own home today.