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Women empowerment in France

Proclaimed in 1975 by the UN, Women International Day is a day that aimed to celebrate women’s achievement in areas such as social, economical, cultural and political but also to eliminate discrimination worldwide against women. Celebrating the 100 years of women vote in the UK, it is also a day to remember Women around the world who fought for our rights. Traveling France this month, we wanted to learn more about the portraits of those women who stand for their rights.

Olympe de Gouges:


Born named Marie Gouze, she is the second woman being guillotined after Marie-Antoinette during the French Revolution. She played a huge role in french women’s life being one of f the first woman to stand up for women’s right in the country. Olympe de Gouge fought against racism and women’s condition in the french society when in 1791 she published “ the woman and the citizen’s righs” in which she sexalises the law.

Simone veil:


Simone Veil


Simone Veil,  an Auschwitz survivor, she began her career being a french lawyer and then magistrate. In fact, in 1954, Mrs. Veil succeeded the national examination to become a magistrate and became an official in the Justice Ministry. During her magistrature, she dedicated herself to improve living conditions for female prisoners, including Algerians detained during their country’s war for independence. At age 46, she was plucked from the Civil Service by Mr. Giscard d’Estaing to serve as health minister,becoming only the second woman to hold full cabinet rank in France and push forward to legalise abortion in France in 1975. Simone Veil remains the most powerful women who stand for women’s right in France and published an autobiography in 2007, in which she revealed the the long delay in the French government’s acceptance of responsibility for the murder of French Jews and the women conditions in the french society.

Lauren Bastide:

Lauren Bastide

Journalist at ELLE magazine for about ten years before accepting a job as a columnist on the Grand Journal— a news show on France’s Canal Plus channel, in 2016 Lauren decided to find back some spark in her life and created a podcast where her voice and many other women’s voice can be heard, La Poudre was born. Every two weeks, Lauren invites Women to tell their stories, their experiences and struggles in today’s society. From artists to writers, politicians or entrepreneurs, they all come from different backgrounds, generation, sexual orientation, ethnicity and religion and pursue the same mission : to stand for their right and fight against the system. La Poudre, it is the ability to express ourselves out loud and understood without feeling judged and oppressed. Lauren Bastide brings this fresh air in a very own podcast where women feel confident to reveal themselves and their most taboo topics. If you fancy listening for some french badass women, subscribe to La Poudre.




Discovered on the podcast La Poudre, Lallab is an online magazine and association that aim to make Muslim Women voices heard as being too often oppressed and humiliated with racism and sexism statements. Co-founded by Sarah Zouak, a young French with Moroccan origins woman, Feminist and Muslim, Lallab was born from the desire of a young woman to be who she wanted to be in a society that often seen her as exception for being well integrated, as if her religion was an obstacle to her emancipation and prevented her to make her own choices.

Muslim, feminist and graduated from the most prestigious universities, Sarah did not understand how feminism and religion could not allie to be a feminist,simply because we never heard about them!  It is then in 2014, she decided to meet those women from different part of the world and having a faith. Her trip began in muslim countries from Morocco to Turkey, Iran and finally heading to Indonesia; countries that are all different highlighting Muslim women who stand up for women’s right and far from the standard stereotypes they too often faced. Through her journey, Sarah met with 25 committed women that fight for gender equality carrying their faith and decided to record each testimonials to bring back with her to France which she will later entitled “Women Sense Tour”, a powerful tool that helps overcoming racial stereotypes on Muslim Women. Lallab is a powerful and a great way to fight against social justice and woman, you can have a look at  their website and support their projects.

Les Glorieuses:

Les Glorieuses

Les Glorieuses is a feminist newsletter launched in 2015. Every week, you get to receive a newsletter that deals with politics, maternity, culture and sex. The Glorieuses’ newsletter also suggest 10 feminist latest news, the spotlight on a women of the week and events for women. Les Glorieuses are men and women who stand for women’s condition around the world and her place in our society. Their main goal: to get together during this incredible journey without offending, judging and discriminating anyone.