Meet the Makers

With High Street retailers breaking the news for violating human rights by exploiting workers in outsourcing countries while destroying the fauna and flora with factories close to rivers throwing all their waste, we have committed 5 years ago to a more ethical and sustainable way of consuming and created My Made in Box to show we can actually purchase amazing handmade creations as an alternative while supporting people around the world. Today we want to introduce you to these fabulous and talented persons. 


Handmade clay earrings

Rebecca from BecciesHandmade

Rebecca is the founder and maker of the lovely Clay Earrings we absolutely cannot stop wearing! Rebecca started Beccies Handmade in 2015 as she was recovering from a burn out and started to make things for herself. She then quickly realised that it was hard to find fashionable made with high quality and long lasting materials. Rebecca has now a wonderful range of clay earrings which is was one of her favourite material to work with. We love the unique designs she handmade, they are so easy to wear! Have you tried yours?


By Megs handmade scrunchies

Megan from By Meg's

Megan is the founder of the By Meg's, a lovely scrunchie brand handmade in Amsterdam. Megan has revealed "It is such an easy way to make every outfit instantly look cuter" and began to make some for herself. Friends and family quickly grab their own too which led Megan to start this entrepreneurial journey. We are in love with those versatile scrunchies, going to the gym, at work for a casual look or going out, they are amazing!

Handmade minimalist jewellery

Sanne from The Boho Minimalist

Sanne is the lovely woman behind the Boho Minimalist that she founded in 2016. From an early age, Sanne has been questioning how things were made and started to make them herself. She started to self learn knitting, sewing or candle making and has been dreaming about silversmithing. She enrolled in a course and quickly began to create her own minimal and delicate jewellery line with a slight bohemian touch. The Boho Minimalist was born and this spring's bracelet does not leave our wrist at the Made in Box HQ.

Natural and handmade make up

Loraine from By LorHighlight

Loraine is our gorgeous young entrepreneur behind our new favourite natural make up brand : Lor Highlight!
Passionate about make up and most especially with highlighters which for Loraine instantly light up your face and make a woman shine, it quickly became her favourite go-to-make up item. But Loraine was not satisfied with the ones available in the shops too often containing a long list of chemical ingredients, animal testing and not really pigmented. She started to make her own and posting the results of her own products on social media, Loraine saw a real success and decided to make LorHighlight. 
We are very proud to be partnering with a natural and handmade make up brand with common values and amazing quality!


Handmade zero waste Shampoo bar

Rimke from Helema Alsheea

Rimke is the founder of Helema Alshea and started making her own soaps and skincare items while suffering from a very sensitive skin. She found it particularly hard to find products with a nice scent and also suitable for sensitive skin. Rimke decided to launch Helema Alshea with the aim to help women treating their hair and skin while feeling good about their products while respecting the environment - yes they are waste free!


If you would like to know more or have any questions on the makers please feel free to drop us a note at