Our next destination: London

Our journey starts now in London !

London is a city famous for its diversity, rich architectural identity and its worldwide cuisines but is also a place that millions of people coming from all over the globe call Home. I am happy to be one of them !


Skyline, London

Leaving Malaysia and coming back in Europe, I decided to land in London to experience the "city life" and explore every corner of its vibrant and beautiful streets. I was and am still amazed by the beauty found in each area or so called " zones". All of them have their own character, charm and style; it is fascinating to see. You could be walking right in the city centre and suddenly find yourself lost in the woods with the birds chirping.


Hampstead Health park London

Hampstead Health park; London

Also, my favourite hobby back in Malaysia was visiting the local markets and get to know their locally handmade items. Landing in London, I was very much excited to spend my weekends exploring the markets and I quickly realise that the diversity of the city was actually translated in people' works. 


Borough market, London

London has always been a great source of inspiration for me and develop my passion of learning, exchanging & showcasing makers and their locally handmade pieces from around the world.I could not think of a better place to start My Made in Box journey but a city close to my heart !