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Explore the Turkish Local Craftsmanship

Turkey has formed a large history about traditional craftsmanship translating the cultural heritage of the different influences along those time. Traditional craftsmanship is one of the best representation of the country rich history translating a strong know-how acquired by long generation craftsmen.

Weaving is one of them. And one of the best examples is its famous luxurious towels for Turkish homes which can literally be found everywhere when travelling the country.  Created in the 17th in Bursa, artisans were trained using traditional hand loomed to weave the delicate & authentic Turkish towels, this is now a skill that is given from generation to generation.

Turkish Towel making looming

Turkish Dowry - Made in Turkey Box

While mass produced factories make 30,000 a day, skilled craftsmen take up to a week to create one Turkish Towel which can be seen by the embroidery details, the softness and the absorption.

Carpets and tapestries are also very popular handmade crafts in Turkey and which vary by the locality of the craftsmen.

Lacework and embroidery are also one of the handicraft you will find on your journey. Considered as a form of art and reflect of the Turkish society’s cultural richness and affluent, both techniques are great representation of the country modernity and contemporary times.

Lacework - Embroidery


Ceramics or The making of Çini , or china, is a ceramic ware very popular in Turkey and is an art representation from the 12th century delicately painted with decorative patterns using the underglazing techniques. It was historically made for the Sultan and its courtiers and was sign of aristocracy in the society.


Turkish Ceramics


Metalwork, copper and silver craftsmanship are prominent traditional handicraft in Turkey and plays a huge role in Anatolian Art, which has seen a great improvement from the different civilisations settled in the country. Copper is the one of the most used metal in metalwork often produced for kitchen utensils, jewelry, outdoor elements an door ornamenting.


Silver jewellery making


Turkey has so much to offer in terms of handicraft and we were absolutely amazed by the skills they owned in so many areas ! Thriving to preserve their local craftmanship, the country is very much affected by the mass production in outsourcing countries and offers courses to learn and keep the traditional craftmanship, anyone interested?