By Sarah London

Interview​ ​with​ ​Lauren & Sarah from By Sarah London

Who is behind the brand By Sarah London?

BY SARAH is bringing greater transparency to skin care by pioneering upfront labelling: we detail a full ingredient list on the front label of our products. The brand is founded and run by two sisters: Sarah and Lauren.

Lauren & Sarah from BySarahLondon

Why did you choose to launch your own brand?

Sarah’s inspiration and motivation to help us all make natural, organic skin care and wellness choices began with my recovery from leukaemia in 2012. While searching for gentle, natural and organic products - those that would soothe and nourish my sensitive skin - she found a problem. It was almost impossible to tell what was in the products. Even many natural and organic ranges had long, cryptic ingredient lists and sometimes confusing and misleading labelling.

So Sarah decided to hand-blend her own products from carefully-curated, organic and sustainably-sourced plant-based ingredients, so that she knew exactly what was in them. And she found that her botanical formulas didn’t just work for her sister: soon, friends and family started asking for her creations too.

Sarah became an expert in blending an exact balance of plant-based oils to provide deep hydration and nourishment. The finest of her blends have become BY SARAH. We launched the business in November 2017 and have been overwhelmed by the positivity and warm embrace that we’ve received to our products and brand mission!

What is your main source of inspiration?

Our inspiration comes from travel, nature and the many interesting people we meet!

Can you explain to us the manufacturing process of the lip balm we can now find on the e-shop?

The BY SARAH Organic Lip Balm is 100% organic and 100% natural. Organic virgin coconut oil is our hero ingredient! It’s ethically-sourced from a Fair Trade community in the Philippines and cold-pressed from organically-grown coconut kernels. It's extraction method retains the antioxidants and healthy fatty acids that help to lock in moisture, as well as its antibacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal properties that keep chapped lips and dry skin patches at bay. We blend this with organic apricot oil and beeswax to create the lip balm that ELLE Magazine have described as a wonder balm! We hope you enjoy it too!

What would be a day in your workshop?

We are launching two new products very soon, so Sarah has been busy perfecting the blends in our workshop using the finest, ethically-sourced, natural and organic ingredients!

All your products are made in London, what are your best tips to enjoy the city at its best?

There is so much to explore in London! The best way to experience the city is on foot. It’s so easy to cover a lot of ground and to see the old and new unfold in front of you – you could be in historic Westminster one minute and then in the heart of bustling Covent Garden the next!

And  to slow down?

Head to one of the parks! Hire a bike and cycle around Hyde Park and the Serpentine Lake – it’s wonderful oasis of open space and nature in the heart of the city.

What are the projects for you in 2018?

In addition to our new product launches, we have some exciting events, collaborations and retailer listings that we’ll be announcing! You can follow us on Instagram @bysarahlondon to keep in the loop with all our latest news.

Any destination you wish you could fly right now?

I love nature and would love to visit Yellowstone National Park. It’s been on my wish list for years and to visit at this time of year, just as nature is emerging in to spring would be spectacular!

We are putting the spotlight on Women this month and especially the ones who fought for our rights today? Who is your main inspiration and why?

Our mum! She’s so multi-talented and the best cook ever, we’d be lost without her.